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Youth Ministry

Our mission is to know, love, and serve God through prayer, fellowship, and service. 

Underground Student Ministries provides Christ-centered ministry for students in 6th through 12th grade. Each year we offer a variety of spiritual, social, and service opportunities for teens, including an annual summer mission trip. To find out what is happening in student ministry, check out our calendar or find us on social media!

Why Underground? 
The Early Church existed underground. During the first couple of hundred years of Church history, the Catholic Church was not legal in the Roman Empire. When Caesar asked his citizens to sacrifice to him as a God and to declare that was “Caesar was Lord”, the Underground Church proclaimed a different Lord, willingly facing martyrdom because they proclaimed “Jesus was Lord”. 

During World War II while many Christians were complicit with the Nazis, an underground network of priests resisted Hitler and his violent antisemitism. Some of these priests died because of their resistance. Other priests - such as Cardinal Henri de Lubac - were later recognized for their heroism. 

Many great things begin underground. Today, many things compete for the title “Lord” in our lives, whether it's success, money, prestige, or fame. Many things entice us to violence. The youth at St. Anne Parish decided that like the underground Early Church, they would have no other Lord than Jesus Christ. They seek to start a revolution in order to make Christ present in their schools, their communities, and their own lives. And like every great revolution, it starts Underground.

Equip Student Leadership Teams is comprised of high school students who take ownership of their faith and the direction of student ministry at St. Anne Parish. Student leaders have the maturity to inspire peers, influence friends, and offer encouragement and support to others. Teens in 9th through 12th grade who are interested in joining Equip should contact Matt Scruggs at

If you would like to learn more about youth group events and activities, get in touch:

Matt Scruggs
412-561-0101 x 123

Amanda Scruggs
412-561-0101 x 124

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