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Please remember those who are on our prayer list:

Jim Agliori, Fred Arden, Mary Arden, Olga Bakos, Dale Barker, Lavern Barrasso, Flo Barth, Becky Baumgart, Peter Beccari, Jr., Dodie Becker, Judy Binek, Norman Blackham, Michael Boff, Pvt. 1st Class Jason Braun, Audrey Cancilla, Lois Caputo, Debbie Cardamone, Jason Carr, Angela Cinti, Jackie, Clements, John Clements, Jesse Cohen, Alfred Cofini, Ernie Coholic, Mary Collins, Catherine Cooper, Lynn Covey, Beatrice Cox, Walker Holmes Danley, Joe Daube, Michael Daube, Edna Dausch, Robert Dax, Alice DeMatty, Patrice Domanovich, Mary Jo Donovan, Jane Doria, Audrey Dorfner, Emily Dunbar, Donna Dunn, Ryan Dunn, Marion Ehland, Regina Emph, Donna Fabus, Carol Fister, Joseph Flaherty, Jennifer Freker, Tony Frick, Joe Furey, Joseph Furgiuele, Billie Girard, Helen C. Goebel, Dolores Graney, Jean Greb, Eric Greiner, Mary Lou Hart, Tucker Helms, Eugene Hoffman, Meghan Hoffman, Virginia Lee Hokaj, Katherine Howells, Bill Hritz, Boyd Hutchin, Linda Juskowich, Patricia Kelleher, Robert Kelleher, Pat Kirk, Paul Kirtley, Grace Klein, Bill Klocke, Mary Klousnitzer, Lou Kobosky, Jim Laffey, Kathy Lee, Wayne Less, Joanie Linsky, Emmet Mahon, Leona Mandrier, Gracetta Mastandrea, Joe Mattzie, Patrick Meehan, Eugene Michigan, Shannon Graf Mincin, Marge Mulgrave, Frank Mullooly, Maren Mullooly, Don Musser, Edward Nester, Robert J. Nieman, Jr., Tom Nowalk, Carolyn Nulph, Emery Ollis, Jean O’Malley, Deanna Raimondi-Gingrich, Michael Gildea Reese, Carol Reffner, Elaine Richtar, Mary Jo Rodgers, Anna J. Sedlock, Ronald Serafini, Bill Sharon, Mary Jo Shipers, Grace Skladany, Gerald “Mort” Smith, Donna Speth,  Frank Stasik, Janet Stella, Bernadette Strong, Tom Styperk, Fredrick Surmick, Jennifer Thompson, Father Ray Trance, David Trocano, C.J. Vano, Keith Vietmeier, Marie Wade, Richard Walters, Tina Weiland, Jonathan Welch, Molly Welsh, Tom Welsh, Nancy Werkmeister, Marshall Werling, Anita Williams, Michael Wlazlinski, Linda Wolf, Tom Yakemovic, Jason Zeisloft, Gary Ziegenfuss, and Pam Zollinger.